Siza - Telehealth System

Telemedicine, Mobile Application, Web Application

Domain: Telemedicine

Project Overview

Siza is an innovative telehealth application that enables seamless virtual medical consultations between doctors and patients. The application includes features like appointment scheduling, real-time health monitoring, video conferencing, and a secure portal for accessing and managing medical records.

The vitals collected during the process include: SDNN, Wellness level, Breathing rate, Oxygen saturation, SNS zone, Wellness Index, PNS index, Heart rate, RRI, SNS Index, Mean RRI, PRQ, PNS zone, SD2, Stress Index, Blood pressure, Stress level, SD1, RMSSD


Ensuring high-quality, uninterrupted service, robust security measures for data, and seamless integration with third-party systems.

Solutions Implemented

Developed custom solutions using the latest technologies to ensure scalability and security. Enhanced user interface for better customer engagement.

Our Approach

We initiated the project with a comprehensive analysis of the existing system and user needs. This was followed by the creation of a technical specifications document to set clear expectations. Our iterative design process included prototyping and user feedback to refine functionalities.

The Result

The project resulted in significant improvements in user engagement and system efficiency. Our solutions have prepared the client for future scalability and enhanced the overall user experience.

Technology Used

ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB,, AWS

Project Duration

2 years

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