Siza - Telehealth System

Vitals Check

Project Brief

Siza is a telehealth app that connects doctors with patients instantly, or through scheduled bookings.

There are many telemedicine solutions that can be found in the market, however, a unique feature that makes this application unique is the use case of collecting body vitals of the patient using the mobile device camera while the doctor is on a call with the patient. The vitals collected using this feature is proven with a 98% accuracy.
The vitals collected during the process include: SDNN, Wellness level, Breathing rate, Oxygen saturation, SNS zone, Wellness Index, PNS index, Heart rate, RRI, SNS Index, Mean RRI, PRQ, PNS zone, SD2, Stress Index, Blood pressure, Stress level, SD1, RMSSD

Our Approach

The process started with an initial technical specification workshops and analysis of the idea, at the end of which we produced a technical specifications document. This technical specifications document's purpose is to ensure that expectations are clearly defined & managed between the developing team and the client.

We used our iterative UX and UI design process to deliver a modern user experience, applying the latest design thinking and best practice.

Our Technical Specification process included conducting research and analysis, client workshops, ideation and user journey development, prototyping and final design evaluation. We finished the process by creating a component-based style guide to support the development team with ongoing development and implementation.

The Result

Our process ensured we became immersed in the project and allowed us to amplify the Siza team’s brief with best-practice solutions. The continuous engagement with the development team also ensured that the proposed UX prototypes matched the final product.

By taking into account future enhancements and features, Liorra was able to assist Siza in launching their idea and optimising the system for future scalability.

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