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Domain: eCommerce and Logistics

Project Overview

Ocean premium is a platform that enables users to rent, purchase and repair water toys. In the rental process there is a sophisticated availability system that checks for availability of products and accordingly assists in the logistics management during the rental of water toys.


Ensuring high-quality, uninterrupted service, robust security measures for data, and seamless integration with third-party systems.

Solutions Implemented

Developed custom solutions using the latest technologies to ensure scalability and security. Enhanced user interface for better customer engagement.

Our Approach

Ocean Premium was already in existence and being managed by Appstrax Tech. Liorra was brought into the picture to augment the resources of Appstrax Tech, and since November, the product is being managed by Liorra. In the chaos of this project, Liorra took over maintenance and brought stability to this project and developed a strong working relationship with Appstrax Tech.

For this maintenance based project, the approach was to spend the first 2 weeks familiarizing the Liorra management and team with the OP product. Upon completion of that, product sprints happened on a monthly basis, with check ins happening twice a week. Once the OP app was stable, the sprints changed to every week, such that every week a change is being pushed to production.

The Result

As a result, Ocean premium has significantly improved operational efficiency and user satisfaction, establishing a strong presence in the Water Toys market.

Technology Used

ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Binah.ai, AWS

Project Duration

2 years

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