Wecare - Health App

App Development, Healthcare

Domain: Healthcare

Project Overview

Wecare is a health tracking application that allows users to monitor their daily health metrics and access personalized healthcare insights.

The vitals collected during the process include: SDNN, Wellness level, Breathing rate, Oxygen saturation, SNS zone, Wellness Index, PNS index, Heart rate, RRI, SNS Index, Mean RRI, PRQ, PNS zone, SD2, Stress Index, Blood pressure, Stress level, SD1, RMSSD


The main challenges for Wecare involved enhancing user engagement, ensuring data security, and integrating with existing systems.

Solutions Implemented

Custom software solutions were developed including high-performance backend services, advanced data encryption, and seamless API integrations.

Our Approach

The project began with in-depth market and technical research to tailor the features to the needs of the healthcare sector. Iterative design and agile development methodologies were employed to ensure timely delivery and high-quality output.

The Result

As a result, Wecare has significantly improved operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

Technology Used

ReactJS, NodeJS, Binah.ai, AWS, MongoDB, Stripe

Project Duration

6 months

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