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Domain: Fintech

Project Overview

Tap-Tap, a peer-to-peer mobile payment solution powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology which makes it safe and simple to make and receive in person mobile payments. The project was developed under the Lipa Payments development team.


Ensuring high-quality, uninterrupted service, robust security measures since we were dealing with financial services. Using bluetooth technology to make and receive in person mobile payments.

Solutions Implemented

Developed custom solutions using the latest technologies to ensure scalability and security. Enhanced user interface for better customer engagement.

The Result

Tap-on-phone –  The Payment SDK will allow small merchants to accept contactless

card payments directly on their smartphone, without requiring expensive payment

acceptance devices.

Proximity payments – The payment SDK will allow anyone to make and accept

payments to anyone nearby through Bluetooth. This is particularly attractive as the

payment experience emulates that of ApplePay, SamsungPay, etc. but does not require

the device to have an NFC sensor and works on low-end smartphones.

Project Duration

2 years

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