Nightwash - Ondemand Car Wash

Web Development, Logistics

Project Brief

Nightwash is an ondemand carwash service for South Africa. Individuals can book a wash for their car directly from the app.

Our Approach
To kick off the project, we began with technical specification workshops and an analysis of the concept. This culminated in the creation of a technical specifications document, which serves to establish and manage expectations between the development team and the client. For a cutting-edge user experience, we employed an iterative UX and UI design process that leveraged the latest design thinking and best practices. Our Technical Specification process involved conducting research and analysis, holding client workshops, ideating and developing user journeys, prototyping, and evaluating the final design. To aid the development team with ongoing development and implementation, we concluded the process by generating a component-based style guide. Development began once the design phase was completed.

The Result

We immersed ourselves in the project to enhance the Nightwash team's brief with best-practice solutions. Our ongoing engagement with the development team ensured that the proposed UX prototypes were aligned with the final product. Liorra helped Nightwash launch their idea and prepare the system for future scalability by considering future enhancements and features.

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