App Development, Healthcare

Project Brief

Healthtest allows users to Measure and track your health in a matter of seconds, anytime, anywhere.

Healthtest uses Liorra's vital testing technology to measure body vitals:

  • Contactless, video-based (rPPG) – requires the user to look at the device’s camera.
  • Contact-based (PPG) – requires the user to touch the smartphone rear camera with a finger. The contact-based measurement is to be used in challenging conditions, like complete darkness or excessive movement.

Our Approach

The process began by conducting workshops to define the technical specifications and analyze the idea, resulting in the creation of a document that clarifies expectations for both the development team and the client. To provide a contemporary user experience, we utilized an iterative design process that incorporated the most current design thinking and best practices. Our Technical Specification process involved extensive research and analysis, workshops with the client, ideation, user journey development, prototyping, and final design evaluation. We concluded the process by generating a style guide based on components to assist the development team with ongoing development and implementation.
The Result

Our process ensured we became immersed in the project and allowed us to amplify the Health team’s brief with best-practice solution. The continuous engagement with the development team also ensured that the proposed UX prototypes matched the final product.

By taking into account future enhancements and features, Liorra was able to assist Healthtest in launching their idea and optimising the system for future scalability.

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