Eye-T - Logistics System

logistics, maintenance

Project Brief

Eye-T is a platform for logistics management for optical surgical equipment, all the way from dispatching at warehouses and supplying to hospitals. Powered by Hoya Vision.

Liorra was on boarded to augment the resources of the Appstrax team and rather than a complete handover of this project, it involved working side by side with the Appstrax team in developing the solution.

Our Approach

The approach for this project was to spend 2 weeks familiarizing with the existing Eye-T system. Then the manager from the Appstrax team started delegating tasks to the Liorra resources. The ongoing success of the project was once again attributed to the flexibility and intent to seek clarity.

The Result

Liorra provided developer support for Eye-T for 6 months, and each week the specific tasks provided were executed to high quality and taking the workload off from Appstrax Tech.

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