The difference between Liorra Vital Check and wearable Technology

November 9, 2022


Collecting vital signs through digital healthcare technology is a growing industry trend, and you might wonder measure up to wearables such as smartwatches. So, here is what makes Liorra Vital Check different:

1. Software Only – from a Device Users Already Have is a software-only solution that can work on almost any device with a camera. Today, we already work on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even smart mirrors! Users do not need to purchase any extra equipment, they can use a device most of us already have: our personal smartphone.

2. Telemedicine and Remote Wellness at Scale

Don’t get us wrong – we think wearables are great! Smartwatches particularly – are a style statement and a great personal tool for many needs. But when it comes to monitoring healthcare status in a reliable way, the picture changes completely. Also – how many of the people in need of healthcare services can even afford a reliable smartwatch? The cheapest one comes in at around $25-$35, while the Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $399, which is considered among the most accurate Smartwatches. This cost makes it in most cases prohibitively expensive for an organization to sponsor, or for a single user to purchase. In addition, many of the companies we work with have hundreds or even thousands of users, so providing all users with a smartwatch would be slow and expensive. The only way to ensure quick delivery at an unlimited scale is via a software-only solution, like’s. Users already have the hardware in their pockets. Also, when new software versions are available, the update process is seamless and easy as it will be delivered as part of the organization’s app update.

3. The Capability for Instant Access

Think about a service provider that needs to engage with new customers, let’s say for onboarding a new insurance client, or for obtaining vital signs remotely for a telemedicine session. Other examples could be during the COVID-19 pandemic, to enable airport screening for any traveler, or to allow visitors entry to schools, office buildings, or shared spaces. With wearable technology, you’re stuck with a hardware gap and fully dependent on a device that may well be unavailable. In contrast, as runs from any camera-enabled device, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, this drastically increases the variety and ease of use.

4. Accessibility of Any Digital Healthcare Solution

When we created Liorra Vital check, we knew we wanted to offer a vital signs monitoring tool that was suitable for anyone, anywhere, anytime, and of any age. It is well known that as individuals age, their blood vessel functionality decreases, making it more difficult to measure vital signs such as blood pressure or oxygen saturation with the same levels of accuracy as you can in younger patients. Unlike smartwatches, takes information from the face rather than the wrist, meaning that even for people over the age of 85, the results can be trusted. We are in the process of delivering to many nursing homes and other facilities for the elderly, in large part because of this unique functionality.

So, these are just a few of the things that differentiate Liorra’s Vitals check software from the wearables on the market today. Contact us today to set up a session for a demo.

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