Remote blood pressure monitoring then and now

November 7, 2022


There’s no doubt that monitoring blood pressure is critical when it comes to spotting risk factors for a whole slew of severe and even fatal diseases. However, traditional methods of monitoring blood pressure, especially in remote settings, just don’t meet the requirements of today’s healthcare ecosystems.

Let’s take the blood pressure cuff for example. Did you know that as many as half of people are actually using blood pressure cuffs incorrectly? It’s not as simple as putting the cuff on and reading the measurements. In fact, the AMA comments that “Every time we go out and conduct blood pressure measurement training, people tell us afterward that they’ve been doing it wrong for years.” While some mistakes can be fixed through education, such as ensuring both feet are on the floor or not talking during the reading, others are harder to solve – for example wearing the wrong size cuff or your stress and anxiety levels prior to taking the reading.

Even if you leave accuracy aside, there are a number of challenges with traditional methods of obtaining blood pressure remotely, such as shipping and handling challenges with the devices, maintaining or upgrading cuffs if they break or wear down, or the simple affordability for patients, businesses, and clinics.

How does assist?

This is where is a real game-changer for today’s businesses. Rather than rely on dedicated hardware,’s remote, contactless blood pressure monitoring technology works from a wide variety of devices, including the one that almost everyone already uses every day – their mobile phone. As a result, it makes blood pressure monitoring more accessible and affordable, suitable for users in rural locations or emerging economies, and with no added hardware costs or maintenance fees.

It’s also the simplest solution to get blood pressure monitoring right, with nothing more than a video selfie of the face, so that’s algorithm can analyze light reflected off exposed skin. This makes managing blood pressure easier than ever before.

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