Building for a diverse audience

February 10, 2023


"Building for a diverse audience" means designing and developing products or services that can be used effectively by people from different backgrounds and with different needs and abilities. This involves considering factors such as accessibility, language and cultural differences, and varying levels of technical proficiency.

When building features alone, it is important to keep this diversity in mind, as a feature that works well for one user may not be effective for another. This is why it is essential to build for a diverse audience, so that everyone can use the product or service and get the most out of it.

For example, if a feature is only available in one language, it will not be accessible to users who do not speak that language. Similarly, if a feature requires a high level of technical proficiency, it may be difficult for users who are not familiar with technology to use it effectively.

By building for a diverse audience, you can ensure that your product or service is accessible and useful to the largest possible number of users, and that everyone can benefit from the features and capabilities you have created. This can help to create a more inclusive and equitable experience for everyone, and can help to build a more diverse and inclusive user base over time.

At Liorra Tech we aim to provide the best products and services to not only suite the needs of our clients but also their target audience as well. Our Technical Specification process included conducting research and analysis, client workshops, ideation and user journey development, prototyping and final design evaluation. These are the steps we follow to ensure that our software solutions are accessible all various users.

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